Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 year in review

I always get a little bit excited starting a new year, it's like the door opens and we get to start again, full of hopes and dreams! Are you guys are excited for 2017 as well? Here's to all the splendour that was and what is yet to come for us *clink*

I find it really fun to reflect on the past year and see what I got up to which is what this post is dedicated too

I'd like to start off with a special highlight of 2016 and that was officially adopting our girl cat Peaches! We were thrilled when our neighbour let us adopt her and we got to load Peachy up with lots of affection :)

When Peaches first came to visit
A little update on the two cats, in the past month or so they have definitely become closer and it's not surprising to see them exploring or sleeping next to each other – which makes me super happy! On a sad note, a month or so back, Gremlin had a midnight rush to the emergency vet and then another vet visit due to having a UTI. He's still not 100% out of the woods but we're hoping this last round of antibiotics has cured him – poor little dude!

A baby Goanna we rescued

Having cats meant saving and relocating a lot of wildlife and a few trips down to Australia Zoo wildlife hospital *sad face* We've noticed Gremlin since turning 2 has lost interest (and or skill!) in hunting but peachy who is a year younger is the main offender. Apparently domestic cats are most similar in nature to lions and if you know your lion facts you know the lionesses do all the hunting *eep*. I'm still super hopeful peachy loses interest in the next year or so *fingers crossed*

Surprise mail from The Cat you and Us Gang!

This year, I was super lucky to receive some amazing snail mail and presents – eep!! Thank-you to all you amazing people - your thoughtfulness blew me away!

Lots of stools!

2016 was the year I upped my wood working game and had a lot of fun in the process :)

Ben and I tried marbling

I also started my new blog series bought/gift/made which I want to continue next year too!

On a down note, the start of the year was horrible in terms of health, having crazy crazy back pain which confined me to a beanbag for two weeks. I'm so fortunate that pain never came back (much respect to those who live with daily pain!) although I did develop some nerve pain in my hips, later in the year. A big shout out to my friend Lynsey who did a Bowen Therapy course this year and helped me greatly. I'd never heard of bowen therapy but it definitely eradicated my hip pain and made me open minded to alternative forms. For those who have no idea about Bowen Therapy it's essentially a bunch of moves made to certain areas of your body to reset itself. 

Portra 160 and the joys of pulling film

I also got to indulge in another passion of mine film photography!

Peachy likes to road test everything I make :P

and I finally built a DSLR film scanning rig which I shared with you guys here

I'd also decided to complete one Gremlin craft a year (I better include Peachy in that next year!). 2016 was an embroidery of my little guy which I can safely say I finally finished (just in time!).

Emma from letterloves inspired me to start my own found money (post to come on the final tally!)

We took a few trips down to Brisbane and made sure to check in at our favourite gallery GOMA

I also visited Ballandean and got to pat a donkey which then made me want a donkey #oneday 

Plus we visited Ben's Mum and her lovely garden!

My thrift shopping game was strong in 2016

Of course another huge highlight of 2016 was campervan-ing around Japan!

Some highlights included; being in time for plum and cherry blossoms to be in bloom, visiting an abandoned theme park, going to bunny island, a sand bath experience, seeing the fruit bus stops, giant cat head, all the quirky playgrounds (godzilla slide!) and seeing cutie pie nitama the station cat.

Pretty Sakura and cute dogs

Nara Dreamland

Cute rabbits on Bunny Island

Fruit bus stops in Nagasaki

Ben for size reference at the Giant Maneki

Amazing Pink Octopus Playground in Japan

Giant godzilla with a built in slide at his tail!

Cute Cat in Yanaka Cemetery

So many vending machines in Japan

Fulfilling my dream of visiting Kishi Station

2016 the year of finally dying my hair awesome colours!

I also dyed my hair bright pink for our trip and for those who don't follow me on instagram I now have yellow hair – woot!

Swan planter ready to be fired

I also got my clay on this year and Ben finally set up his kiln so hopefully the clay making will happily continue in 2017

Happy year for photography dream goals

This year I also got to shoot a cover for HRD magazine and I finally saved up enough for my dream film camera an asahi 6x7 medium format :) :)

exploring handlettering
Still supporting Adnan!

I also got into hand lettering, made some badges, had my Australian animal painting picked up by Thirtystones company alongside my elephant design printed for a girls soccer team and opened a threadless store with my designs.

I also fulfilled a photography wish of shooting a lantern parade

A really awesome chocolate cake by Nigella - recipe here

and continued on my vegan journey (learning more and more as the days roll on!)

Visited Fraser and Imbil

and added to my sea glass collection!

I finished off the year with our tacky Christmas photo and a camping trip (which once I edit those photos) I'll happily share!

So what's 2017 got in store for you lovely people? I'd personally like to continue being super creative in 2017, I'd love to get back into painting more and I need to work on marketing my photography (a really un-fun area for me!) but I really love the idea of supporting yourself through creative endeavours so I need to step it up! I'd also like to continue thinking about Earth and being kind and having fun adventures - which all sound good to me :) 

Goodbye 2016
Hello 2017!


  1. I love all the positive recollections of your 2016 (except for your cat, poor kitty!!). 2016 wasn't a great year for me but it has just made me realise a few things! How fun you have received some lovely gifts from pencils, I used to have a penpal a long time ago, I actually really miss having that.

    All your goals for 2017 especially the fun adventures part! My 2017 goals are simple ones, basically, relax. I just need to remember to relax!

    Looking forward to the post on the found money jar, sounds interesting.


    1. I have noticed 2016 was a really hard year for a lot of people :( I guess that makes a new year start pretty valuable and it's really nice to come away having new realisations. I think your goal to relax is great! I hope 2017 is incredibly relaxing and beautiful for you - all the best xoxox

  2. Your 2016 was quite amazing dear friend, both at personal and work level! I still can't get over how incredibly cute your stools are and I was glad to be able to virtually jump in your campervan and stop at every beautiful and quirky bus stop in Japan (one thing I need to experience in real life one day as well!). Congrats on peaches and everything you have achieved, looking forward to follow you around this 2017, I may be in Barcelona but a piece of my heart is with you in Australia too :)

    1. Aww that's insanely sweet :) :) I really enjoyed 2016, I feel super happy in my life and excited for the future too! Life is good!

  3. You had a very memorable 2016. So many wonderful exciting things happened. I definitely have to try a hand at work working. I would love a stool like that for our space. I hope Gremlin feels better. It's always a worry when pets get sick. And I would like a donkey one day, too. and a goat. A goat will be nice :)

    1. I think wood work is not as daunting as it might seem, although investing in some initial tools is probably the most horrific part! A goat would be so lovely!!

  4. Amazing year and stunning photographs!


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