Thursday, December 1, 2016

Asahi Pentax 6x7 - Fuji Velvia Film

So a few months ago I finally saved up enough pennies to buy my dream film camera, an Asahi Pentax 6x7. 

Mine didn't come with a strap but I've been loving the tripod screw version on the right I picked up.

Asahi - portrait
Obligatory self portrait with camera!

This thing is huge and heavy, it's also my first proper medium format camera taking 120 film; a film due to its negative size, records more data than 35mm film - a plus if you want to go large in printing.

After much research, I also settled on the takumar 2.4, 105mm lens, equivalent to around 50mm on my canon full frame body. 50mm is my all time favourite focal length so it was kind of a no brainer. My only complaint so far with the lens is its minimum focus is around 1 metre, I would of loved for that to be a lot closer! After building my scanning rig, I was able to "scan" two rolls of film, so today I'm going to show you the results from a roll of fuji velvia, which is a slide film.

I actually did two things with this film, I shot it in camera at 32 ISO( it's rated at 50) and I had it cross processed, so instead of running it through slide film chemicals, my local lab ran it through the normal colour processing - so I could get some funky colour results!

Asahi - rose

Asahi - self portrait
Note to self: hand held portraits - way to close to focus!

Asahi - cow

I love the crazy colours happening! 

One thing which I'll have to get use to and currently have a love/hate relationship with is the film only allows for ten shots when using the 6x7. I've been privileged in the past with the 35mm film getting 30+ shots per roll in my canon camera. The plus for this, is when I have to get through 30 shots, a lot of time film will sit in my camera, so the quick turn over is nice; although only having 10 shots before needing to change rolls does seem a little crazy to me! 

Tomorrow I'll show you some photos from a portra 400 roll :)


  1. This camera is a beauty! And the photos it produced. Gorgeous. I love the blurry selfie so much! I have yet gotten medium format camera for myself, hopefully in the future :))

    1. aww thanks Katrina! medium format is all new to me too - excited to delve in though :)

  2. I want one! Look at those pretty colors!

    1. I've definitely got an affection for that slide film cross processed!

  3. Uoooo babe alert in your unfocused image! Congrats on the new camera! I'm sure there will be lots of fun ahead, hope you can share more reviews about your feelings on the medium format :)

    1. aww *blushes* he he he. I have lots and lots more experimenting to do but I will also definitely share :) :)


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