Friday, December 16, 2016

DIY wooden stool with Lettering

So I've sat with this particular stool for a while, before going kind of crazy with its paint job and calling it a day :) 

Diy stool - Handlettering

I tried to be diligent with taking photos of the process and it's nice to look back now and see the wood that I started with. I will point out this particular stool had legs from a previous cement stool (no longer with us!). I decided I'm only making stools of the sturdy variety so the concrete configurations had to go :p

The chunk of wood I found I was able to be cut in half for two stools!

The outer bark has to go! This part is really fun especially getting to use the chisels - also you can see here just how deep the piece of wood is :)

Diy stool - wood work
I ended up filling, the crack on top with sawdust (that I save whilst sawing) mixed with wood glue. I also make sure to spend a lot of time sanding back the wood so it's nice and smooth for the finished piece.

The sawing took me about a week and almost killed my love for wood working :p

The slice of wood was also very weathered so it needed both ends sawed off which added an extra week or so and yes, made me really really hate sawing :p I think it was worth it though, look how pretty the wood is underneath.

The guy on the right - so pretty!

Then it was time to mark the leg position and drill them out. Looking back at the finished piece, I think for the next stool I'll make the legs closer to the edges for aesthetic purposes :)

Note to self: always learning!

For the paint job: the legs are a black stain, the pink I picked up at a flea market and then some random hand lettering type design for the top with a clear sealer all over :)


Ben started using the stool almost immediately as it's the perfect height for his craft bench outside, so I'm pretty chuffed about that

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