Friday, December 23, 2016

Snail Mail /9

This parcel was a super lovely surprise and completely shocked me with its crazy contents - big super thanks to Thimble Cat aka Emily :)

You had me at yellow (tissue paper!)

Oh my goodness, pulling everything out was one part exciting, one part overwhelming - is this all for me??? eep!

And the confetti everywhere, just killed me :) (in a good way of course!)

LOOK!!! He he he

I have to say the most special thing was this Big Things planter. I'm pretty obsessed with big things - I have my own blog and facebook page where I document them, so seeing this planter made me so so happy! I only found out that Emily is making other amazing ceramics, with her company Pot Luck Ceramics - eep, isn't that the cutest name - go check them out on insta!

Thimble cat - special stamp
She even stamped my name on the bottom - dies!

On one side is the big pineapple and on the other is the big banana! Such a treasured gift for me!

The mail didn't stop there - check out all these amazing vintage paper goodies

Can you see the photo of those two little girls - I've always wanted a vintage photo but I've never ever seen them whilst thrifting, so I feel very lucky to own one now - their facial expressions are perfect!

Everything was so beautiful - some awesome lettering too!

And holy moly a big pineapple postcard! That's going straight to the pool room (aussie film gag!)

The cutest vintage Christmas deer, pom poms and super cute erasers!

Some perfect Australiana too - gasp!!

And oh my goodness a totoro photo frame - how incredible is that?!!

And ending with this extra wonderful strawberry pom pom Emily made. I've always been fascinated at those fruit Pom Pom tutorials on Pinterest and now I have my very own :) :)

Yup, told you it was a beyond amazing parcel!
Thank-you so much Emily

Emily blogs at thimble cat but you guys should definitely follow her pot luck ceramics on instagram

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