Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Christmas night and Boxing Day my family and I went camping at Booloumba. It's this really pretty spot just under an hour from where I live. The last few months have been pretty dry which meant the creek bed was also on the dry side but there were still a few little pockets where we could go swimming in and they were so beautiful!! We checked out Booloumba falls, went on a few walks and did some light painting at night (I'm going to do a seperate post for those photos though!).

The giant inflatable pretzel my cousin got me for Christmas definitely came to good use 

And I bought my little bro an orca which also provided much hilarity

Unfortunately the hikes meant leeches - gross! It was just last year that I had my first leech experience so definitely a leech newbie but after having to pick off 5 during this trip, I'm now slightly less grossed out by them (only slightly!)

My little bro, Jake took that photo above, I think he has a really good eye for photography. By the way that's the strangler cairn which we last visited here.

Spot the kid!

People are good scales to show off impressive nature :)

Group shot! I only took my 50mm so this was a bit of a challenge but hey we all fit :)

I'm such a nerd but I honestly get a little excited learning new nature facts, this time we learned that hoop pines are named such because their barks falls off in hoops

And piccabeen trees are called such because their leaves make nice bowls to transport berries in and yup we demonstrated this above *nerd alert*

That fungi above was so cool with it's cup shape!

And then Ben pointed in the direction of all these pink flowers scattered on the forest floor, it was sooooo beautiful *gasp*

So pretty!

I'll be back tomorrow to share the light painting photos we did in that very creek bed above :)


  1. wowow this all looks so magical - that water is GORGEOUS! looks like it was a great trip :) Minus the leeches... i absolutely hate leeches!

    1. Such a pretty place and yup, leeches are super horrid - eep! I was proud that I went from screaming at the sight of them to calming flicking them off of me :) :) Small victory for a weiner like myself :P

  2. I love aallll the nature photos here - fungi, flowers, leaves, and even leeches ;)

  3. Aww I love that pic with your bro standing on the tree, it brings to my mind the movie "Kings of summer" :) hahaha, and love the orca picture with you riding it, was it stable or easy to ride? It does not look so much in Ben's pic ;)

    1. shame on me for not having seen that movie....YET! he he. I think I was just more scared of putting my whole body in so I fought more to stay upright :) :)


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