Thursday, February 2, 2017

bought/gift/made /06

Another round of bought/gift/made to share :)

In the bought category, Tamanu Oil. I wanted to make sure to use this oil for a few months before I gave a recommendation. I'm a third of the way through the 30ml jar and in that time, I've been applying it to a scar on my leg and my problematic chin area. Previously I was using rosehip oil, which I loved but someone mentioned Tamnau oil on the vegan beauty page I follow so I thought I would give it a try. The very first week, I wasn't instantly sold, it has a slightly different texture/colour to rose hip (although that might be dependent on the supplier!) and I'm definitely a creature of routine. 

Now that I'm a few months in, I'm converted and would buy this again, even over rose hip oil. I noticed my scar lighten significantly (although I was using rose hip diligently for at least a year so perhaps Tamanu just swept in at the right moment!). My face is also much clearer although I did go on Macca root at the same time - just as a disclaimer.  I would love to hear if other people have had personal experiences with Tamanu?

I had a few scrap pieces of wood left over from my pallet bookcase so I was able to make sure they didn't go to waste!

And lastly, I had two delightful postcards show up in my mail box, from my lovely friend Teruko and her family :)


  1. HUHUHU! I love that wooden crystal holder (???) and the crystals on it.

    1. I'm always drawn to certain coloured crystals - especially purples!!! Thank-you!


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