Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thrifty Sunday /17

I don't know about you but I'm always curious to see what people pick up whilst thrifting so I'm back with another thrifty Sunday!

An awesome piece of pyrex and it came with a lid, pretty and practicable - win win!

Some really cute vintage buttons, shells (with a pearl luster) and some lemons :)
Just need a project for them now!

A cute cat hair clip which you may of spied me wearing in this post

Blast from the past, a Boris Breakfast Club bowl (Aussie kids show on Channel 7!)

A new diary - this one could be applicable to any year and you are left to fill in the dates.
So far, I'm finding my terrible messy hand writing is severally ruining this diary- oops!

A cable release for my Asahi Pentax, although it works in other film cameras too. It's essentially a cable you screw into the shutter button and you can then take selfies! Ben and I used it for our selfie photo here! To be honest the packet says "long" but it's pretty darn short :p

An Australian zoo fridge magnet! I was listening to our local radio and they were talking about Aussie slang and someone bought up Crikey and explained that the word came from Christ - a work around from being religiously insensitive!

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  1. Everything's so precious <3 That zoo fridge magnet reminds me of the Crocodile Hunter? he wore something like that all the time.

    1. YES! exactly, that is/was him - Steve. He got quite international hey? I know his daughter was on dancing with the stars in the US. His Zoo is quite close to where I live and they do amazing things for animal conservation :)

  2. Aww love the buttons, both will look incredible in a cardigan or dress! What amazing finds, I think we lack thrifty stores or maybe I lack of talent to find good items, ha! ;)

    1. Oh that's so true, I have a lot of cardigans too (scared of the cold - ha!) :) :) Thanks for that lovely suggestion! I honestly think thrift stores are better in smaller towns, I don't live in a small town but it's smaller than a city and I love when I travel to really small towns and explore their thrift stores!

  3. Love that piece of pyrex!


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