Thursday, March 30, 2017

Film Camera a Month - March

I actually thought I wouldn't have a roll for this month. Oddly I've been super social (odd for an introvert like myself) but hardly took any photos *gulp*. Thank goodness for Emaya visiting and us ending up at a super photogenic netball court for some skateboarding practice.

This month I was using my plastic fantastic, Holga 120n. It's a camera that takes 120 film, so embarrassingly I only had to fill up 12 frames but still found that super hard to do! I also had a silly moment where I thought I had loaded the camera with black and white film and found myself holding back from taking photos because I thought they wouldn't translate well to b&w. To make things seems even sillier, I had actually written on a label (stuck to the back of the camera) what roll of film was inside *face palm*. It's actually such a good tip, because the Holga 120 doesn't have a little peep hole to remind you what film is currently in use. Next time I will try and remember to actually read my super helpful note :p

So the camera was actually loaded with some Kodak Ektar 100 (colour!) and my aim for the roll was just to go crazy - I did half winds and double exposures and just click click click! I think perhaps I went a little crazy because how I scan my film is really only set up to do a frame at a time, so I did have to go into photoshop and splice some frames together. I do also dig the randomness though and I think it's one of the joys of Holga. I was actually sad there weren't super light leaks in this roll which I guess I was half expecting but, yup lesson learnt, don't expect anything from a plastic camera :p Onwards to the photos!

I think this month I really missed having a "reliable" film camera. I see myself in the future using my Holga when I go somewhere specific and want really random experimental shots. I think there is definitely a time and place for the Holga :) Oh and I totally wish I would of done at least one shot using a flash too *second face palm*

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you another roll I took with the Holga120n back in 2016 and, it's black and white and fun and I'm sad it's taken this long to share it! Stay tuned!

Oh and next month I'm using my instax for April - wish me luck!

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