Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wooden Docking Station

So I've been going through our house and seeing what areas could look better - the home beautification project :) I noticed an ugly power board with cords everywhere in our bedroom and decided I could build a wooden docking station!

I also built a little stand for Ben's light too!

I roughly sketched out an idea with the knowledge our docking station would need to house my tablet, two phones and possibly some camera battery chargers. You can see above the pieces to make the box with the little triangles to let the cords come out freely!

Nailing together the box was a little tricky but my 90 degree clamps made the job much easier! 
I also used some wood glue to make all the joins sturdier on completion

Ta-daaaa! box complete!

I cut out my panels for the top of the box - the bigger panel at the back to support my iPad and the smaller ones for our phones :) It was only when I started to attach these pieces to the box I had a *face palm* moment realising I could of had the back of the box simply extend up higher thus not needing the biggest panel you see above. That last sentence may be utterly confusing but if you give something similar a go make sure you 100% think through the plans first - maybe even make a paper mock up version first. 

Despite that little boo-boo I'm still super happy with how it turned out and it has definitely made our bedroom much prettier :)


  1. So clever Fee! I'm super impressed at your handyness!
    *two thumbs up* xxx

    1. aww thanks Heddie! I think I'm slowly getting better :) :)


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