Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garden Update

Time to give a little garden update!

The marigolds are still as pretty as ever, although I still haven't gotten around to eating them yet, they just look so pretty in the garden!

Crazy big zucchini! I actually didn't know what this was, I was thinking it was a zucchini because the plant had zucchini looking flowers but then I've only ever seen/bought dark green zucchini's before. I've been waiting for them to change colour but I think I should have picked them earlier because they have loads of seeds on the inside (still tasty!)and hey, the good thing about seeds is you can replant them - zucchini's forever!

Corn still going strong and all ready for Ben arrival back from the desert.

The cats are always so curious whenever I'm out there :)


My favourite things to eat from the garden have been the spinach greens and basil which I've been throwing into 80% of my dishes.  So fun to get to pick from the garden too!

Parsley and garlic chives! A few weeks ago I planted a bunch more coriander seeds (the first ones didn't sprout) but this time around I can see them popping up all over the garden now.  I'm super stoked as coriander is probably my favourite herb (sorry to the haters out there!).

What I imagined were zucchini flowers, although Ben's mum said cucumber and zucchini flowers look similar, hence the mega confusion about what was growing out there!

How flippin' cute is this baby watermelon? Unfortunately since taking this photo the watermelon plants aren't looking the healthiest - I'll try and give them some extra water.  I do remember Lowie saying they love water!

Snap peas!

Have no idea what this is, possibly also a zucchini but it turned green?!? Someone help me!! Lol

And a magical eggplant!

I've definitely fallen in love with having a veggie and herb garden and I hope I can continue to make it thrive!


  1. Wow I'm so impressed with your garden! Everything looks so great! Yummmm. How big is it? Also I love how your cats wander around with you outside!

    1. Oh gosh I'm so bad with measurements, we have two garden beds that are twice the length of a railway sleeper and their width is maybe, half a sleeper? eep, I hope railway sleepers come in one generic size :P They seem fairly big to me, but aren't too big that they require excessive watering :) :) perfect size! I can see though the more you get into gardening the more room you want!

  2. Amazing Fee! So so very jealous and impressed with your garden!

    1. It's been such a positive activity in my life - so glad I got started, you were definitely a big inspiration!

  3. Oooh everything's growing well! That eggplant got me all heart-eyed~~


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