Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Clay Fails

I love clay but it's also the most frustrating medium I've ever worked in, not only does it take so much time, things can easily go wrong! I'm putting together some clay fails of mine because sometimes it's fun to see things go badly :p

First up a little clay peachy whose head and foot broke/fell off! I temporary glued it back, covered it in glaze and hoped all would be well. Ben and I have since tracked down a glue that can withstand firing temperatures so that would be a wise investment. Regular glue, or super glue that I used here, simply melts always before the glaze has time to reach proper temp to be able to seal it all together. Ben was skeptical that my superglue/glaze attempt would work but...

Hurrah! except for some reason the gold glaze didn't quite go off, it turned out very dark and not its normal shiny beautiful colour, so the perfectionist in me put it through another round of firing

And glaze went off and so did her head and foot, so dramatically in fact that her head ended up sticking to her side :p Lesson learnt, super glue is not a good idea!

Can you even work out what this was meant to be be? 

Poor little swan planter's head fell off

And then there are the times the glaze just looks terrible!

Despite these clay fails I still love clay and I'm currently working on trying to make enough pieces to fill another firing :) :) So hopefully some successes and probably more fails to show you guys in the future


  1. Fun post! Thanks for showing us the imperfect, too :) There's something cool about how photography can make mistakes look like beautiful pieces of art again, too.... I love the way some of these photos look!

  2. I love this post just as much as your successful results :)

    1. sometimes it's nice to see the other side huh? :)

  3. Love seeing your fails!! I love that you see the positive out of everything :) <3

    1. fails are great hey, it's nice to know that everyone has them too :)


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