Friday, August 4, 2017

Film Camera a Month - July

So July was meant to be featuring my pentax 6x7 but whilst out adventuring the shutter stopped (eep!) though I eventually (thanks google!) figured out it needed a new battery which I ordered online (takes time!).  In the meanwhile, I switched over to one of my toy cameras, the Sunny Juice Box - which along with the fuji film loaded inside (superia 200) pleasantly surprised me :) I ended up digging the tones and instead of complaining about how fuji film handles shadows I deliberately processed the photos on the softer side = a outcome fee was happy with :P

This plastic fantastic camera, literally has a shutter button, you can read more about it in my film camera guide but honestly, I 99% bought it because of its novelty factor :P I mean the shutter button is a fake plastic straw :p how awesome is that!

The mechanism to rewind the film is super flimsy, it stopped turning (but not freely!) so I was kind of stuck as to what to do, I took it in a darkish room and opened the back - oops! Film hadn't rewound completely, so I think that ended in a few light streaks, which I love but I probably wouldn't turn into a habit of doing. The trick to get the film to completely re-wind back into its canister was solved by pulling the little plastic release clip that sits under the film and turning it until the film canister started winding freely! lesson learned!

Fuji superia 200 - surfboards

Second lesson learned, never take toy camera shots inside unless your film is a crazy high ISO or you have some crazy good lighting going on :p Still appreciate this shot of silhouette Peachy and the crazy light streak :)

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  1. I love that juice box camera and your pictures. I had not so great experiences with toy cameras and haven't touched it but perhaps I need to do some dusting off and trying again :)

    1. Oh they are temperamental beasts for sure! eep, I guess the good with the bad, it's pretty awful when they are bad though and you mourn for lost photos!

  2. Very cool, what a cute little camera! I always forget how much fun film photography can be. <3

    1. and it's got that added bonus of potential surprises!


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