Sunday, August 20, 2017

Thrifty Sunday /20

Thrifting is awesome and I'm so lucky to have a bunch of great thrift shops in my area :)

Definitely still on that home beautification kick so this book was a fun read!

I see a lot of crochet blankets at thrift store but this one has the most beautiful bright colours - instant love and I think it was $2 which kind of makes me cry when I think about the materials + the skill and effort involved to make this!

Some vintage snoopy paper I found at the tip shop (of all places!)
btw penpal writing is something I've been really slack on - apologies letter friends!

Adding to my big things collection, a pin of the big rocking horse in South Australia :)

I'm only a tenth of the way into this book but so far I'm loving it. Reducing waste is an area I really want to improve upon and hopefully this book gives me a good kick up the butt!

A letter holder for my desk :)

And lucky last an expo 88 mug (you all know my love for anything expo 88 related!)

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