Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fee Fashion /2

A few more outfits :) :)

A necklace I made, my threadless life aquatic tee and a new black skirt I picked up whilst thrifting :)

I'm going to try and photograph all my clothes I acquire whilst thrifting and incorporate them into outfits!

the black skirt and a lace top that I'm wearing below :)

The ceramic necklace I made that I mentioned here - ta da!

A blue day!

I also picked up a shorter black skirt and a straw boater hat :)

Modeled by fee!

The leggings are sparkly mermaid ones and the top, I've had for yonks, I think it was a vintage find off eBay or etsy?!? Somewhere!

I almost put all my winter jumpers away the other day but we've had really cosy/rainy weather lately, I like that this season is keeping me on my toes but I'm also as equally excited for summer!


  1. I love the necklace you made (the first one - the ceramic one too!) :)

  2. The lace top is so pretty! And the necklaces, too!

  3. Oooo, I like this idea of photographing thrift finds! Love the ceramic necklace and that boater hat!

    Man, I am so jealous that winter is ending - here in Canada it is just starting and I am already finding myself so brought down by the gloomy weather. We just jumped back an hour, so now the sun sets basically at about 5pm. UGH!

    1. I feel that sadness too when we have to transition back to the cold, I'm such a summer/heat lover but then I guess it reminds you that life is just cycles and that in a way it's great that nothing ever lasts :)

  4. Really liking the black dress & lace top combo! This ceramic necklace you made is so cool.

    1. I started to get all excited about lace :) :) Actually still excited to be honest :)


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