Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thrifty Sunday /21

Time to share some more thrifting finds :)
Stocking up on some more magazines, peppermint is awesome!

I've been perusing the book section more of late and this little crystal guide popped up

Heart shaped punch!

A swan planter which unfortunately came, sans drainage hole but I just need to be mindful of not over watering!  I fear if I were to drill a hole I'd have a shattered swan on my hands :P

I'm late on board the Tim Ferriss train but I've been devouring his podcast at a rapid rate and loving all the insights from his guests.  When I saw his books pop up whilst thrifting it was a no brainer to grab them :)

Another book, this one I've had for a while and it's a really easy to follow tarot guide :)

Fluro pink planter stand :)

Shiny gold phone case, picked up in tweed :)

I just finished reading this book and golly gosh, life changer,
I now need to hunt down his other books :)

A red geranium in a cute yellow hanging basket, picked up at a garage sale :)

Some lovely vintage writing paper

I love little details, like the old price tag :)

A cane basket/tray which so far has provided a variety of uses :)

And lucky last, another swan planter currently holding some baby succulents that I hope will eventually spill out over the edges :)


  1. I have missed this blog so much! :) Just back after a year hiatus and am having so much fun catching up. I hope you've been well, Fee!

    1. Right back at you! Amazingly I was just thinking of your blog and thinking that perhaps my feed reader hadn't refreshed so I visited your site and saw a new post at top! My first reaction was that I had missed a year of your posts but then I saw the date and laughed at the synchronicity of my life at the moment :) :) Your blog is so beautiful, I'm so happy you're back!

  2. Gorgeous selection of things, I love the swan theme!

  3. Old price tags get to me too! :)


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