Thursday, December 21, 2017

Film Camera a Month - November

This month was super fun because I got to use my OM1 and shoot some rolls down in Melbourne. I stopped using my OM1 when I dropped it on ice back in 2012 and the light meter stopped working. I was talking with my local film guy and he mentioned about a light meter app which seemed like a brilliant solution because I'm always carrying my phone with me anyway :)

I super love everything about this camera, it looks nice, it's completely manual, it's simple to use and produces the loveliest photos. It was also my grandma's camera and the first camera I used when I was getting into film, so it has a lot of nice nostalgia mixed in as well :) The light meter app I used was spot on with my black and white film (a roll of HP5 400) but I found with the Ektar 100 colour film it urged on the over exposed side. I'd still recommend it as a solution if you have a film camera without a working light meter and you don't want to invest in more equipment :) 

Now onto the photos - I've also included the last two poems as well :)

FCAM - cactus

my change gets passed
back over the counter
without touching my hand;
I take a moment to
smell the roses on my
walk home where tiny
water droplets leftover
from the morning rain

kiss my nose

FCAM - moonee ponds cellars

FCAM - posters

FCAM - pooch

fans whirl hot 
air around inside 
a chipper man 
delivers my cone 
to where I'm sitting 
'it's already melting' 
he says with a smile 
the wifi password 
doesn't work 
so I sit and 
lick the strawberry 
ice cream before 
it reaches my hand

I bought that bread home on the plane and shared it with Ben when I arrived back and it was a loveliest moment!


  1. Love the photos - and i really dig that first poem, the idea of change being exchanged without hands touching is really intriguing to me. I am always pretty aware of whether or not someone's hand has touched mine in those moments!!

    1. It's funny because where I live, not touching would be weird (sales people always fall on the way too personable side!) but when I think about it, maybe it's totally normal to just put the change on the counter. It became this really stark difference in my mind anyway and I definitely wasn't in Kansas anymore :P

  2. Awww George St (:

    1. I had to go past! From memory of my walking route, I think the smith and deli joint is very close to your old street!


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