Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thrifty Sunday /22

Its been a while but I've got a few thrifted finds to show you guys today!

A pen to practice my hand lettering

An awesome vintage mug that ticks all the right cheesy boxes for me!

An album, which I haven't decided what to fill with (just yet).

Too many Astro boy stickers

A book - perfect for my year of blooms project!

Although not technically thrifted, I did buy Hetty off gumtree (Aussie secondhand marketplace) from the sweetest old lady!!

As lame as this sounds, Hetty and her amazing pink cuteness is definitely one of my favourite thing I own! 

AND the bag on the left has become my camera/everyday use bag and it's such a great size.

Vintage stickers!!

Totally showing my age but this soundtrack had way too many memories not to pick up for $1 and listen to in my car (which is still living that cd life!)

An evil eye pendant, currently hanging in my room, on a piece of pink fluro chord :)

I always see this book referenced so now I can happily reference it myself :)

A set of quote cards. 
 Every morning I pick a new one to display in my room - it's a nice little ritual :)

Lucky last - whenever I see Frankie mags for a reasonable price I stock up :)


  1. Ah Fee, you are queen of the thrifters! I tried to go thrifting a little while ago but couldn’t find anything good- I must go with you sometime :)
    Those Astro boy stickers!! ❤️😍

    1. You definitely should come up for an op shop mission, I think the key is to go fairly frequently - some days I don't find anything either although I'm really lucky to be surrounded by quality op shops!


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