Thursday, February 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - January

One month into my project and I found myself noticing flowers everywhere - such a lovely addition to my life!

Ben and I had a walk around (our place backs onto a horse paddock) collecting a bunch of flowers and were shocked at just how many we could find! A fun crafternoon activity of collecting and arranging flowers!

Ben also bought me a bunch of flowers which was the perfect excuse to pull out my silver backdrop and get cheesy!

These seeds were waiting to go, fingers crossed I have some flowers to show you guys in three months time.

Our backyard came alive with these tiny pink wildflowers

I went out and took a little video to show you!

I bought a jewel mix of nasturtium for my veggie garden!

And I started making sure to save petals and seeds

Shots of the pretty roses, in our new garden.

Discovered some little orchids tucked away in corner!

I also made a little ceramic flower holder so I could start having a flower on my desk each day :)

The pink wildflowers (from the video above) dropped off and in their place, seeds pods emerged. Our landlord was coming around to mow our yard and I got a little sad that all the seeds would go to waste. I could see the majority of the pods weren't ready to be picked yet but it seemed a better option then being mowed over. Miraculously all the pods, even the green ones, dried out and eventually opened up and I was able to collect all the seeds and plant them :)

Our frangipani tree was in full bloom this month - such a nice fragrance to have on my desk :)

And my new garden bed that I made to plant all the flower seeds in each month! I've already spied tiny sprouts which is making me excited for the months to come!

Forget me not seeds that I sowed.

And my clay seeds balls in production! 
Any spare seeds that don't have the potential to be a weed, I've been rolling, and throwing.

How pretty is the Dessert Rose's pod, with it's wispy seeds!

So excited for these cosmos flowers to sprout!

A photo update on my African violet with its flowers now in full bloom. 
You can see a before shot, in my last post, here.

A cactus that is growing in our yard sprouted 100 amazing & huge flowers (which the bees absolutely loved!). Lowy is pretty confident it's a dragon fruit plant which I'm super excited about!

January thoughts: I'm feeling super inspired and happy about this project and I can't wait to see where the year takes me! Also throwing seeds bombs out the window of the car, whilst Ben drove around town, made me so so giddy :)


  1. Wow! I just had a really strong nostalgic 'feeling' memory of my grandparents' house while scrolling through this. My grandma collected seeds and nature-bits in a similar way. And then she'd create these crafts where we could create images with her collected materials on a sticky surface.... Also, she'd let me go through her very full and relatively natural wild garden and make bouquets. ahhhh what a happy set of memories. Love these photos and can't wait to see more :)

    1. Oh my goodness that is so magical, what amazing memories to have!

  2. this is amazing Fee! I can't help but smile when looking at your photos and words, can't wait to see how your garden will look like by the end of the year! imagine me cheering you with balcony plants all the way from KL hehe. I have 2 african violets at home and I hope they'll survive the dry spell we're having right now. now this gave me an idea to take photos of them blooming, just in case haha.

    1. aww yay! Maybe our plants can give one another, words of encouragement :P :) :)

  3. Such wonderful blooms! Flowers make me happy. And I think they make the best presents.

    1. My life is definitely happier for spending more time thinking about them :) :)

  4. I love the ceramic flower holder! Can I make one when I'm over next???

    1. Yes for sure :) Nice and easy although a little time consuming!


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