Thursday, May 3, 2018

Year of Blooms - April

April sped by way too quick, so fast in fact that I almost forget to stop and smell the roses :P

More cosmos flowers bloomed in my garden bed.  After having a precariously start to the year, I'm hoping all the seeds I plant from here on in will have successes :)

This month I planted some everlasting daisies and some bombast red peony poppies *fingers crossed*

I tried to be diligent in taking photos of flowers when I was out an about too

I also made sure to harvest the cosmos blooms so I can replant them :)

Some beautiful sunflowers in the main street of Nimbin (where I visited for my birthday recently - will share more photos once I've edited them!)

Ben bought these blooms from a farmers market in lismore (another town we visited on our trip) since taking this photo the flowers have all bloomed and each one is a different colour!

This tree in our backyard sprouted all these lovely flowers, it's doing so well it has pretty much stolen the majority of the sun from our clothes line but their prettiness makes up for the stealing.

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