Wednesday, June 13, 2018

bought/gift/made /15

I've been excited to share this collection of goodies!

smudge stick

incense sticks

In the bought category, white sage incense. I'm a newbie when it comes to all things incense related and even more so in the smudging realm but since purchasing these guys I'm fallen head over heels in love :) We use the incense in our bathroom and honestly there's a simple reason why I love it - so much nicer than those toilet sprays! With the smudging, I found it's my go to thing when I feel like my space needs a refresh.  I light it up and skip around the house and say nice things and it's all pretty fun and happy :) Two things I can get behind! 

I've just used the last incense stick the other day and tracked down a local vegan company who hand rolls their incense.  I'll be sure to give an update after trialing those ones :)

120mm and 35mm film

In the gift category - glorious, glorious film, gifted from my lovely friend Emaya! Now there's 100% no excuse to not be shooting film :) :)

cane basket making
And finally, in the made category - CANE! I went on a cane hunting mission with my friend Lowy.

cane basket making

He then taught me how to weave

cane weaving

and hey presto, I made a cane basket *feeling proud*


  1. I love that basket! Way to go! And smudging sounds so fun, I've never tried it but now I'm intrigued! ;-)

  2. That basket is awesome!


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