Friday, June 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - May

flower alphabet

flower project

So the month of May has been a little on the quiet side, I don't know if that's because I'm getting half way through the year and my new year's enthusiasm has plateaued (especially as we come into winter) or maybe the fact that it's getting colder means less flower activity. 

 I've decided to embrace the ebb and flow of the project and just report whatever happens back to you guys each month :)

flower seeds
My flower bed has definitely been uneventful since re-doing it and adding some horse manure. 

Little sprouts have started to show but I'm not sure if they are the flower seeds or simply little seeds that have hitched a ride from else where! 

At the start of the month I planted three different types of viola (as you can see above!).

rainbow lillies

As I wait patiently for the garden, inside was a different story as the bouquet Ben bought from the flowers market completely burst into blooms

flower and cat
I did have the flower I saved from my grandma's property reveal tiny purple flowers

white frangipani
Plus, the plant Ben and I purchase from a road side stall last year, finally bloomed - white frangipani! (you can see from last month's post here when they were just buds)

flower seeds
After doing a bit of head scratching with my flower bed and thinking of how I could ensure my seeds actually germinated, I got struck over the head with an obvious sign after seeing Jane's sharing of her garden plans.  She had planted her seeds in containers to then be transplanted into her bed.  Eureka! 

Normally I plant my seeds directly into the garden bed on the first of every month but I got a little head start with June's flowers and started them in their own seed containers.  I'm happy to say that as of today I see some tiny little sprouts!!! June's seeds were, super swiss giant pansy, wild pansy, billy buttons and cherry rose.  I also replanted any left over seeds I had from earlier in the year :)

flower garden

Fingers crossed!


In final news my orchid has opened and revealed all of it's pretty purple flowers!! We have some orchids at the front of our place that bloom once a year so I was surprised to see these purple ones flowering after having already bloomed at the start of the year.

bunch of lillies

I hope next month my flower bed starts becoming a flower bed :P

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  1. What a colourful post! I also love the shots of the seed packets - so subtle-y designed, make me think of film canisters and other film related material


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