Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I have a folder on my desktop titled 'recent' where I throw in photos that don't belong anywhere else.  Over time those photos become less and less recent until it comes to a point (today!) where I decide to just compile them all into one extremely random blog post! So that's what I have for you today!

australian acerage
 I woke up one morning to our back yard being covered in amazing fog *runs to grab camera*

tiny bat on hoodie
A little bat that Ben rescued, I never really thought that bats could fall into the cute category but this guy was adorable!

paste up street art
 Emaya and a Ben Paste-up 

horseshoe bat
Another shot of the bat on Ben's hoodie - look at its tiny feet!

pastel robot art print
 Ben with one of his artworks made up as a print

black and white horse photography
 *cue* many photos of the horses in our backyard

australian graff artist
 More Ben art!

miniature pony
 More horses!

black and white horse photo

horse photos

horse photo close up

miniature pony

miniature pony

 Backyard fires!

boat house cat
And the most amazing house boat cat!

I was out shooting a wedding on a dock in Brisbane and there was a cat on one of the boats!! I quickly turned my camera to take a few sneaky shots before turning it back on the bride and groom :P

cat on boat brisbane

house boat cat brisbane

australian tree frog
 I'm sure I've mentioned before but green tree frogs are in my top 5 favourite animal category!!

skate park photo
 The day before Ben left, he wanted to go for one last skate and I was feeling very attached to him so I went along for the ride and got to hang out with all the cool kids for a second :P

skating photo

skate shoes and skateboarding

rainbow light leak skate park

skater boy


palmwoods skatepark


Adidas skateboarding

painted art mask
 Shooting a mask Ben made

rescue animals
 Baby goanna rescue time!

beach at port
 Me at Port Macquarie

painted humble dumpling mask artwork
 More Ben

australian thunderstorm
and finishing off with an epic storm that was coming over our backyard!

In actual recent news, our moving house adventures are back on, so in the next few months I'll be blogging from a new location - which is scary and fun all in one!

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