Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - July

flower blog series

flower flat lay
Being winter here in Australia it felt like things stayed similar between June and July although I did pinch that pink flower from our neighbours garden (after they moved out!) 

pink flower blue hair


cosmos flowers
 In happy news the seeds that I saved from the cosmos earlier in the year have grown into new flowers - my first real success! woohoo

potted patio garden
 You can see the desert rose is about to spring to life with a new batch of flowers

desert rose buds


flower garden

 and little seedlings in the flower bed are still going strong!

passion fruit vine

 My first passionfruit flower! Oh so pretty and smells divine. I've learnt they don't bloom for very long.  I have one lonely passionfruit on my vine (which I'm going to pick this week) though I never did see its flower!

blue haired girl with flower

 On an unrelated flower note, I put some turquoise through my hair and cut a fringe (I get bored of my hair easily!)

cosmos pink flower photo


flowers in pant pocket

passionfruit vine

bunch of flowers

 Those flowers on the right were a special delivery from Ben! My neighbour knocked on my door with them and I was wondering why he had bought me flowers until I read the little calling card that it was from Ben! I'm writing this post a day before I post it and BEN IS BACK TONIGHT!!! I'm going to go down to the airport to pick him up and I'm sooooo excited!!

Cannot wait, his work hitch has been 8 weeks this time and that is too long!

vegan blue hair dye

pink garden flower

flower garden

 Red geranium popping back to life too!

80s fashion
Next month will be the last month I share from this garden with our move coming up (still haven't found a place but Ben and I are going full time house hunting when he is back!). I'm trying my best to go with the flow and keep on planting and hopefully our new place has a garden where I can start again :)

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