Thursday, January 31, 2019

X-MAS 2018

Is it too late for Christmas photos, probably, but it's happening anyway :P

bush christmas tinsel australia

smudge stick

 Thanks to my lovely blog pals for a special letter box surprise!!!

mermaid makeup brushes and hello kitty diary

 My cousin stocked me up with super amazing cute goodies!

tinkerbell mug
 New mugs from Mum!

pink tinsel vintage tree
 Our pink christmas tree still going strong(ish) the top tier became a little loose but we managed to patch it up :)

christmas cupcakes

 How adorable are these cupcakes that my cousin bought for our get together - eep!

erstwilder badge
 Some close up goodies from my Mum

christmas presents

 and my big final haul!

handmade christmas card

 :) :)

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