Thursday, May 11, 2017

Holga 135 - Lomo Lady Grey Film

I was almost not going to post these photos because they are super super old but I figure film is always fun to share no matter the date. I shot these guys using lomography's b&w Lady Grey film (400) in my Holga 135bc which I'm going to rock later in the year for my film camera a month series, so stay tuned for more!

It's brown haired fee - gasp!


  1. I am glad you shared anyway! They are gorgeous and so natural.

  2. I agree with Katrina. Glad you shared them :)

  3. I love the moooood. Thanks for sharing them! I really love the second photo, is that huge octopus balloon of some sort?

    1. It's actually an awesome playground! How cool is it!


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