Thursday, March 15, 2018

Paper Making Kit

This year, although I'm not limiting myself to buying new things, I am trying to use things I've already bought, especially of the DIY variety :) With that in mind, I finally pulled out my paper making kit I bought from the thrift store many moons ago. OH gosh, after hunting down that post I realised it was four years ago!! Better late than never and I'm so glad I've started because it's so much fun! I've been saving every scrap of paper and even that process of recycling feels really good :)

My box that lives in my room and collects paper. 

You do need to rip the paper into stamp sized pieces so instead of leaving that untill I've amassed a full box I do it as soon as I add new paper to avoid that big job at the end!

Unfortunately this isn't really a tutorial because you do need the mesh sieve (see in the top of the photo) but more of a post to say 'you can totally start that DIY project you've been meaning to!!'.

I've also been saving the rose petals from the garden and drying them out

Also feels amazing to have a use for them - they are just too pretty and smell divine!

After blending up the paper and then sieving it, the pulp gets transfer to the drying boards.

So glad I finally got over the hump and dove in, sometimes it can be intimidating starting a new project!

 Yay for paper!


  1. Those are so pretty Fee <3

  2. I looooooove paper making! I haven't done it in several years, mostly due to convenienve stuff and not having the space for by the process. but its SO SATISFYING AND I LOVE YOUR RESULTS WITH THE FLOWER PETALS!!

    1. it is!! and so much easier than I was anticipating too!!


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