Thursday, May 10, 2018

Crystal Castle

The highlight of my birthday adventures was visiting Crystal Castle.  Much to Ben's sadness there isn't actually a castle but rather a beautiful garden with crystals scattered around (Ben also loves gardens so all is well in the World!).  Sometimes I feel the need to clarify myself when it comes to things of the spiritual realm but honestly when it comes to crystals I'm simply amazed that something so beautiful could be formed naturally! I actually got a little choked up walking around and I wasn't expecting it to be quite so amazing (low expectation for the win!).

We just happened to visit on a Saturday during school holidays *face palm*.  On the flip side we did manage to arrive as the gates opened which meant our first half hour, walking around, was relatively quiet.  This section above one of my favourite places in the garden, I especially loved the rose quartz spiral.

 A kalachakra stupa and one of only seven in the world. 

It was raining on and off when we visited but as a nice little surprise they had rainbow umbrellas scattered around the park for visitors to use.

Above is a reflexology walk around a huge rose quartz *dreamy eyes*.  I'm definitely going to mosaic something similar myself maybe just with a teeny tiny crystal for the middle :P

Above are the world's tallest geodes being five and half metres tall!

I was pretty stoked to have accidentally chosen a pink/purple outfit for the day :)

I may have touched every single crystal available to my fingertips :P

The entry fee is $28 which had previously turned me away BUT if you love crystals I'd definitely recommend a visit if you are ever in the area :)


  1. Wow this place looks amazing! It looks so beautiful and serene and like the perfect birthday celebration! How incredible to be among all of those huge crystals :)

    1. oh gosh, it was definitely so incredible!

  2. UHM WHAT this place looks like a DREAM?!?
    I love love love that image of the world's tallest geodes with the atmospheric perspective going off into the landscape in the back... wow. I want to go so bad! Darn being away so far....

    1. I didn't think I'd enjoy it quite as much as I did but I definitely felt like I was walking around in some sort of lovely dreamscape! You'll have to come visit Australia!


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