Tuesday, May 8, 2018


My birthday has just been and I've found the key for a successful day is to plan something in advance to prevent moping around and feeling sorry for myself :P My plans usually involve super fee-centric stuff that Ben would probably not be super keen for on a normal given day!

nimbin street art

We ended up in Northern NSW, doing some op shopping, visiting crystal castle (a blog to come on that!) and checking out the local towns.  We did some glamping in Nimbin at a place called Nimbin Rox (a delightful pun as the town has some beautiful rock formation as you drive into it). Nimbin, if you don't know is perhaps the only place in Australia where you can opening buy weed which is currently illegal here in Oz.  Ben and I were asked around 8 times if we needed anything, which may or may not scare some people off visiting (or entice others) but honestly it's a sweet little town to check out and I can personally vouch for the corner stores sourdough!

camp accommodation

mosaic and mardi grass



Our glamping adventures!

wood carving and whale


shell manhole

rainbow umbrellas


nimbin arts building

northern new south wales

tribal magic

 The real nimbin rocks

happy high herbs

nimbin village

nimbin town

ben slackline

aboriginal art


Some wallabies at our campsite :)

whale mural


painted shop door

town street

creative terra

Just a little glimpse!

I'll be back to share our day at Crystal Castle which made my nerdy little hippy heart, super happy!


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