Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Biggenden - Sunday - Last Day!

Sunday I woke to that terrible voice again, but this time my ear plugs were set on the dresser ready to go! Again, last to wake up and decided to stay in my pj's all day, wise move!

Today was all about the lazy and to be honest probably doesn't even deserve it's own post, but hey, I still have photos to show you guys

Ben's mum has a really sweet garden and I didn't even take photos of the main part!

I was too obsessed with her succulent collection

I got to feed the birds too!
I also liked that there was 7 + dogs  hanging around all weekend
I did have a favourite though...turbo!
He had my favourite dog attributes; old and a sook :P

Jet was a close second, she had been mistreating as a puppy :( such a nice dog too!

Dusty gets a mention too, he was definitely a dog of solitude just did his own thing.

In the afternoon the neighbours called asking if any of us would like to see their baby goats, Ben Carmen and I were more then keen and I wondered why at the time Ben's Mum and Aunt were so hesitant!
Carmen got told by her Mum to make sure she wore a daggy jumper as the gentlemen, an older man had been thought to be eyeing Carmen off yesterday at the Wedding. He did have a glass eye which unfortunately did increase the creepyness factor! Entering their property was eerey and when we got to the goats we saw teenager goats! Huh? Where were these cute little babies to cuddled that we were promised!!

Nah the goats were incredibly cute but the neighbours were just incredibly weird.
We had a good excuse to escape but Ben got called into the shed to look at car parts. Ben straight away told the Old man, Ian, he had no knowledge of car stuff, but that didn't stop Ian going into great depths and lifting hoods and whatnot. It was amusing to watch Ben fake it and Carmen and I had some quiet or probably not so quite, giggles to ourselves!

Got to about 6pm and Ben was in a world of pain with his wisdoms, time to say our goodbyes and rush home!

We got to Nambour hospital at around 9pm and left there about 11pm hands full of pain relief. Totally zonked for work on monday!


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