Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Biggenden - Saturday - Day Two

So I awoke rather early on a Saturday Morning, Ben has an older brother who has a rather terrible morning voice when it comes to wanting to keep sleeping and unfortunately our room was right next to the kitchen/conversation room!  A pair of ear plugs and sleeping mask later and I was the last to get up!

Talking of rooms, check out where we slept!
Pink room!!

Actually whilst we are talking about rooms, the house was beautiful!

Would love to live in a house like this! So much charm :)

So the wedding was at 4.30, which meant spending the rest of the day preparing, I actually really liked it, normally I'm not one for the girls to be stuck in the kitchen and guys out mowing, but I resisted my feminist ways and soaked up the old school romance. Nothing wrong with a bit of female bonding whilst setting the table right?

The wedding itself was very low key which is what I expected, but still super sweet

and ta daaaaaaa, the married couple, who are such a nice match!!

So we ate and then the cool kids, well, Ben, his bro Paul, Carmen and I, sat outside with some drinks, it turned into a very funny night and luckily I have no pictures of my camera as evidence!

Part Three Awaits!

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