Thursday, November 4, 2010

How I Make ART!

Alright for this week's assignment I've been asked to do a post on how I make art!

I decided to document my current art project, which is... bento boxes!

(for those that don't know a bento box is really just the japanese word for lunchbox!)

I'm attracted to the cute bento varities, aka those aimed at kids and those that contain lots of food items shaped into cute characters!

Step One:
I have to come up with an idea! This can hit me at any moment, or be spurred on by an image in front of my face or by a movie I'm watching or in this case....

The bento box was inspired by a recent discovery of all the Japanese goodies I acquired when I lived in japan!! That was a fun discovery!

So now with a semi idea of what I want to create I hit up google

Google images is definitely my friend, it helps me collect images so that I'm able to draw what I want more realistically!

I then start making some sketches!

I get my composition looking sexy before I sketch out the final design onto some high quality watercolour paper!

Now, I'm not sure anyone is interested but I did record myself doing my artwork.  It was very very long and even after I sped it up as much as my video editing program would let me, it was still wayy too long, so I've tried to cut it down to a nice 3 minutes and 43 seconds!

Ta da!

After this step I then scan my art and edit it in photoshop.  In photoshop I clean up edges and make it all neat and pretty, I sometimes play around a bit with colour, I think I ended up changing one of the bento boxes to a different blue, just to be difficult :P and also some kawaii sparkles into the background!

So there you have it...

how fee makes her art!  I usually can get a piece finished in a day, but if you count the whole inspiration and collecting images stage, well then a piece of art can literally take forever!


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