Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Five - Inspiring Artworks!

Here is a collection of art that I adore!
the lovely poppopportraits by the talented Helena, she has a rad blog that I encourage everyone to check out!
Helena is definitely responsible for some super sweet art and she always posts such cute stories for her characters!
So wrong its awesome, by the funny Connie Wong!

I really adore this print by Sarah McNeil, a fantastic kiwi artist, always super sweet work!
I could imagine this one in a child's nursery!

I just came across the work of nathalie choux recently, she is definitely one for me to further investigate!
The little snails just kill me!

 The last is a suprise for myself, not normally an obey fan, but I was rather taken with this print, unfortunately sold out now though!


  1. I'm so glad you have a blogspot blog now! I'm sure it will be wonderfully fun & inspiring :]

  2. Yeah it's awesome, it lets you do so much more hey? I love it, still have a spot soft for livejournal though :P


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