Monday, November 8, 2010

North Shore

Finally made it to the beach for my first summer swim!
Is it summer yet?
Sure feels like it :)

Went with Ben, Lucy and her dog pookie

There were lots of kite surfers out

We finished off the day with fish and chips and icecreams, what more could you want :)
I love summer and I say, bring on the sun, heat and beach time action!


  1. oh YUM i miss fish'n'chips at the beach! i think that is one of the best things about australia!

  2. even with my non-love for summer - that does sound/look mighty gorgeous :)
    maybe for our christmas catch up we can come up to you guys' neck of the woods and have f&c's on the beach? :)
    definitely not summer here - forecast calling for possible snow!!!

  3. oh yeah that sounds like a rad idea!

    Ohhhh snow!!! love snow :)


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