Saturday, November 6, 2010

Semi Permanent 2nd Edition 2010

Got my copy of semi permanent, woohooo.
I got to say it's way sexier then the first edition, hardcover, chook a block full of awesome art

and yours truly!

This makes me way too excited!! Will make sure to devour the book in the next few days and share my amazing new artist finds with you :)


  1. a NEW BLOG! i like it, it's preeeeetttyyyyy! have finally caught up with all your hijinks after being a bit internet-deprived for a while. those were hard times...

    bahahaha i love how your art is right next to some hand giving you the finger!


  2. oh yeah I love that it's next to the ups fingers as well! too cool :) he he he he

    internet deprivation is never cool!
    Glad to see your back and blogging again :)


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