Monday, November 22, 2010


Today's post is sponsered by VICCO!
Pfft, just kidding, but I do want to share my latest toothpaste love!
All my life I've been using Colgate, any toothpaste that wasn't white or didn't have a bright blue gel streak with a slight bubblegum taste, could go jump, for all I cared!

Okay maybe that's a bit harsh, but anyway Vicco came along, courtesy of the man named Lowie and for the past couple of months I haven't looked back

The first thing that caught my eye was on the box, a description saying not for sale in Australia, uh oh!
The second was it's distinct lack of whiteness

double uh oh!

I mean would you really want to brush your teeth with this?

Anyway to cut a long story short, I started getting down, to the lasts, of my first Vicco tube and actually started to freak out.   I went back to the indian spice shop where I got my first tube and gone! All sold out, they only had Neem, Neem?? I bought some Neem, but Neem just didn't cut it. So I went back to my first love the Colgate and you know what, it just didn't cut it anymore either. I can't say why Vicco has stolen my heart but it has and my teeth are so much happier for it too!

Lowie who heard of my inability to find it again, brought me a whopping big tube of it so I can go back to happily brushing my teeth again
Thanks Lowie!

Oh another thing, I'm pretty sure Colgate colours their toothpaste, I don't think the white is natural, I could be wrong, but I remember seeing a distinct Vicco coloured stain on my electric toothpaste charger (this was still in my colgate user days) and wondered where on earth that rim of collected toothpaste could of come from?  I remember thinking to myself, but toothpaste is white! *confused look*

Does someone know the answer?

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