Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trip down Memory Lane

I've been gathering boxes from my parents home, Mum wants an indoor pool right about where I have a billion boxes stashed, so it was time for me to start moving them out!
I've discovered some cool things though, the first was a copy of the  maagazine Halt, who knows if it still in publication but it was a rad little free mag for it's time!

Anyway they had  a section in it called "make me famous" and they printed me, yay! Not sure if it made me famous but it's fun to read what 20 year old fee had to say!

Name: Fiona Jane Harding
Age: 20
Currently: Drawing weird bunny suit things
Next: Randomly bumping into Tim Burton and being offered to join his team just cause...ummm...I'm wearing cool shoes or something (hopefully within an elevator)

 Inspiration: Candy Canes, Pink Jumpsuits, Fake Flower Arrangements, Shell Collections, Black pens, Teenage Love Letters
Philosophy: Keep drawing and keep thinking that one day people will care

Around the same time I also painted a box, the local council was offering people the chance to pick a box , design an image relevent to it's location and hopefully get picked. I did, and I choose the suburb my then boyfriend, tom was living at.  I remember I had to wear a bright orange vest and put traffic cones around me which I'll painted, lol!


  1. you're mum's getting an indoor pool in the HALL?! that's so awesome! is it going to be massive? or is it going to be some kind of indoor sports centre? you should bring up the idea to make a rockclimbing wall agin!

    x em

  2. It really aint that cool, it's just an above ground pool for jake to learn to swim :P
    But yeah my vote is for a rock climbing wall too!


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