Monday, December 13, 2010

Ben's Beard

I think this picture deserves a post all on it's own, ben's beard has really taken off!

ben's beard

There is rumour of it coming off soon, I'm half excited, half sad, I'm a lover of the bearded man, 
heck I even once stalked a guy at coles who I aptyly named 'bearded boy'. 

But yes, I'm also excited to get that shaved off surprise, like when someone with long hair goes drastically short! You can't quite work out if it's awesome or not, but it's definitely exciting :)


  1. hahaha that is a nice beard shot!
    oooh it will be cool to see ben's face under there! :) its exciting cause youre so used to what someone looks like, then all of a sudden its different! but not bad - just new!

    12 sleeps fee! :) i shall have to get letter-writing!

  2. eek 12 sleeps how crazy!
    Feel free to take a long time on that letter, just like I did :P

    love ya!

  3. wow that is a magical beard!! he should sport it at least for the winter months! usually the mister sports one but this year it was a mustache which he grew for our halloween custome and i would be sooo sooo sad if he shaved :(


  4. Hey just checked out your blog! Love his moustach awesome :) made a cute gomez and morticia!


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