Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buderim Falls

fee at the waterfalls

I've had a rad weekend, it rained all of Sunday but that didn't stop Ben and I going for an explore.  We've been to Buderim falls a few times now, actually it was one of our first dates and I got a bit scared Ben was going to kiss me, but I'm a weiner like that, he didn't so I was lucky, well my nerves were thankful, errr I think I'm getting off point here.  So yes, Sunday we went exploring, it was raining in the pictures but you can't really tell, just nice spitting and because it's summer you can get away with this whole swimming in the rain thing, one of the coolest things about summer I reckon!

fee climbing around the waterfals
who is the fool that brought gumboots?
I always think we are going for a trek along marked out paths but I really should know better  :P

blue berry

ben and fee aww

ben behind the waterfalls

 Ben behind the waterfall!
ben going for a swim
Beacuse of the rain we only saw people right as we were leaving there is a funny nudity moment involved at that point too but I guess this blog is rated G, so I'll leave it at that :)


  1. hahaha nudity - woo! :)

    that is a really sweet photo of the two of you :)

    looks super pretty there!

  2. aww thanks heather!
    Nudity always funny in my book :)

  3. nudists! reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy! in a jungle? fee, are you not telling me something perhaps? like the fact that as soon as i left, you and ben joined a hippy commune in the forest? a hippy NUDIST commune? HMMMmmmm?

  4. ha ha ha ha, no, not me at least I'm far too prudish! I'm a prune :)


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