Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burntfeather at Super Dry -Curvy

This all has happened weeks ago but I think now is a good time to blog about it myself!

I got contacted by Curvy  which at first I was a little surprised at because I hadn't got into this years book (bummed about at the time, but moved on :) )  

Anyway they contacted me saying there was going to be a pop up Curvy show at The Galleries in Sydney (Shopping Centre) and they had choosen 8 artists to put their art into selected stores and I was one of those eight.  So that was all pretty fun! I think I had a week to ship some art down, so it was all a bit rush rush!

I also got contacted because they wanted to do a little write up and they wanted me to do some post it notes as well, so I was a little bit of a busy bee for a couple of weeks.  Anyway the write up is up now, so if you've got some time to kill, make sure you go along and have a read and you can see my post its too! I haven't read the whole tthing yet, too nervous to read my own voice :P

The Write Up


  1. fee that is awesome!!!
    don't be nervous to read it - you sound super cool :)
    thats cool that they contacted you! one out of 8 chosen - thats pretty darn impressive missy!!
    good work burntfeather, you rock my socks off!

  2. thanks heather!
    I will admit to Ben totally reading over for me and correcting all my wrongly worded sentences, thanks Ben! I think it was midnight when I typed it all up and my brain was jelly!

    :) Thanks for your niceness heather, never goes un-noticed!

  3. everything about this is soooo cool...!

  4. well that link is just not working for me over here. over a few days and multiple clickies. peoples hates norwegians? weird.

    so, um, your words were inspirational and humble and made me strive to be equally as deliciously superdry as you are. yup. GO FEE!

  5. strange strange, maybe if I post the link out in full...hang on...


    ta da!!!!!

  6. thanks fee! you came across quite well! if i didn't know you, i would like you. not pretentious about art and what it means and blah blah blah but you don't sounds like a total space cadet. WELL DONE X

  7. sweet! best comments ever :)
    thanks emaya!


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