Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mini Golf with Shaz and Ben

mini golf shaz

Ben's friend Shaz is here from the UK for a month, so we all went and played some mini golf on the weekend, it's been raining a lot lately and I'll blame the rainey greens for such a bad putting performance on my behalf!

mini golf shaz
it looks so easy until next thing you know you're up to ten hits before that sucker even goes in :P

pink mini golfball
I did appreciate the choose of ball colour, pink, yes please! And the guys who worked there were very lovely, making up nice excuses why I did indeed play so badly!

mini golf shaz

The one big let down is the lack of novelty, I guess the gold coast defnitely wins on that one!
No guesses needed who came last :P


  1. hey missy - i think ive been to that putt putt! one trip to caloundra with my family. still cool, but i agree its not as good without the tacky novelty stuff :)
    yeah totally the weather is to blame - remember when we played in the rain at the coast? i seem to remember us all sucking pretty bad that day - so that must be the cause *serious nods* ;)
    looks like fun! :)
    *mega hugs*

  2. Oh true, so the only times Ive been to putt putt have been in the rain :) lol

    Yeah this place definitely needs some novelty!

    not long now till christmas!!!!


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