Monday, December 6, 2010

My Friday Night

I've had a really fun weekend and it all started off on Friday night with a head down to Mooloolabah for some tasty thai, wine on the beach and merriment!

We stopped in at starbucks and I got the best christmas cookie, yummo! I have specific christmas cookies requirements and this filled all of them!

Daz and Sarah with there thai and wine, perfect combo!

Cute stuff ben with his starbucks drink, we filled in the customer compliment form because we had a really nice guy serve us, Ben wrote something about him being delightful and they had a bit of a bromance moment though possibly mistaken for ben hitting on the dude :) It made me smile!

After two glasses of wine, I went to bed a little bit well actually quite tipsy, definitely a cheap drunk at the moment!


  1. christmas cookies!!! mmmm :) (19 sleeps!!)
    very cute post fee - i understand the being a cheap drunk lol i definitely am these days!
    going to try and learn how to make bahama mama cocktail and give that a crack on new years eve, luckily it wont cost much cause i wont need many ;)

  2. 19 sleeps how crazy!!
    isn't it great being a cheap drunk
    mmmm cockatils :)

  3. i agree - that is one great christmas cookie! shortbread or gingerbread? i'm loving ben's caveman look! :)


  4. definitely shortbread! I love everything about gingerbread but the taste :P
    I'm loving the caveman too, but I'm secretly curious to see him all clean shavin as well, I think it's in the cards!


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