Saturday, December 4, 2010

Creature Feature

The exhibition is up and running now (opening was last night) so I can post my three works I put in! Since the exhibition was titled 'Creature Feature', I took the kistch, strange, odd, cute route :)

The first artwork was inspired by the poster for the 1989 film "The Return of the Swamp thing"
I stuck them in some gold frames which I added glitter too, I'm sure my poor lungs weren't very happy that day, sucking in glitter, glue and sealant, I really should learn to ventilate more!

The next artwork was 'thing' who I drew because I love The Addams Family and it always stood out as being extra strange especially as a kid!

The last "scary kiddies" which I drew from a disturbing vintage photo of kids wearing strange Halloween masks, it appealed to me immensely!

So there you go, get down to 93 Bourke Street Wooloomooloo, Monstrosity Gallery if you live in Sydney, it runs till the 17th of Decemeber (gallery hours Wed-Sun 11-6pm)

If you don't live in Sydney, like myself, you can always check out the website linked below
Creature Feature

Oh and one last thing I've popped the prints up on etsy (just click the picks to be magically transported!) 


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