Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sketch book Project - Page Three

Gosh I have to get a move on this thing, 40 pages or something and I have to send it by Jan 15th, eek!

sketchbook project page three

I have lots of ideas most of which I think of when driving somewhere, just need to sketch them now :)


  1. hahaha bra straps - so painfully true.

    can i nominate tags on clothes? and toothbrushes?

  2. yeah tags are a good one, hang what about toothbrushes?

  3. wait, is it only me that always knocks them against my gums and gets bruises? damn, i thought it was a universal issue with toothbrushes not just a problem with my hand-eye coordination.....

  4. I used to do that too emaya - then i discovered electric toothbrushes! much nicer clean and since theres no scrubbing motion required - no nasty bumps!! :) hehe you're not along - we should form a support group :)

    can't wait to see future entries to your book fee! xo

  5. ha ha ha ha, you guys are crazy! But yes electric toothbrushes all the way, making us all that little bit lazier :)


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