Monday, January 31, 2011

Foods to eat when you get your wisdom teeth out

Two of my wisdoms were literally yanked out today, I've never had teeth extracted before and I have to say it's definitely a surreal experience, at one point I was convinced he was sewing my mouth together, but that was probably a result of me watching this horrific movie called the human centipede, yup don't think too closely about that one!

bloody wisdom teeth

I got to keep my teeth too, hurrah! Sorry if this grosses out anyone, I'll make sure to remove the pictures if it does, I have a habit of thinking bloody things look cool!

wisdom teeth

I guess I'm still numb to the pain because I'm pretty painless apart from some throbbing action!

I was pretty excited to google ideas of what I could eat...
wisdom teeth food
Pretty succesful shopping trip! My dinner so far has consisted of cottage cheese, chocolate mousse and icecream, pretty good if I do say so myself, though I guess I'll  be over it in a few days.
I also picked up some miso soup, baby food, eggs for scrambled eggs (with sourcream!) malt and milk for milkshakes, v8 juice and spreadable tuna.

I gotta say I'm really excited about the baby food "creamy chicken with mango and veggie" gourmet!

Anyone have any other food suggestions?
I'm really paranoid I'm at the false sense of security stage and tomorrow at work I'm going to be in tears :P


  1. aww look at the little buggers!! they didnt even ask me if i wanted to keep mine...i probably would have, if only to have something in the room to direct my cranky sore rage at *angry poke at teeth* hehe
    meanwhile you are being much more varied in your recovery foods than i was, i had tomato soup and icecream, not together mind you...but yeah definitely my only advice is to stay away from foods with bits, even little bits, cause its horrible trying to use that weird syringey thing to flush it out of the crevices!
    hope you have a nice smooth recovery fee, you're hard core going to work tomorrow - if you need a rest on thursday let me know matey we can reorganise :)
    *HUGS for fee with 2 less teeth* hehe love ya

  2. Yeah they didn't ask me if I wanted to keep them either, I just said "can I keep my teeth?" and he looked at me strangely and went "yeah, okay".

    I don't think there was anything drastically wrong with my teeth, you definitely went through the hellish experience hey! The only thing I'm feeling sorry for myself is not being able to eat everything i want too, ha ha ha. I got home from today and just zonked out! I think I would of slept through till morning had Ben not of rang, so yes off to bed now and hopefully not too sore tomorrow! I think I'll be totally sweet for Thursday too!! I'm very excited, will map out a little op shop route for us to go on :)

    *HUGS back*

  3. That's a nice spread... baby food, yeah baby food is kinda surprisingly something to eat during a time like that. You can make them yourself, and using fruit can make them pretty tasty. Not just for babies, but the whole family can eat them, especially after getting some teeth removed.


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