Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm going to JAPAN!

So I vowed to never be one of these people who just kept travelling to the same place but hey when the tickets are the right you sometimes have to be a sell out :)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, a fun sell out at that!

kid and view copy
Ben and I are only going for two weeks, june 6th till something or other, but it will definitely be an action packed two weeks of awesomeness!


  1. ok so let me just say - WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    thats super awesome matey, and no selling out! (i would totally go back to finland hehehe) plus - Japan!!! so much awesome-o power! well i wouldn't know, but from your stories of last time I'm sure it will be so much fun!
    eeeee i'm excited for you guys!!! :)
    are you going anywhere near tatebayashi? wait, is that where you were staying when you were there last time? if not - theres a random place question for you hehehe

  2. :) Be mostly staying in Tokyo but definitely will go back to Tatebayashi for a bit (very impressed you remembered the name!) to see everyone and also the actual prefecture (or state) Guma, has really beautifuul mountains up top, so will probably wonder up there as well!

  3. that is most EXCITING NEWSSSSSS! are you going to japan AND south america this year? so. radness. i approve.

    and totally not selling out - i recognised the value of returning to a place just only recently. the certain elements of familiarity are good, not bad. you'll love it. can you buy me some crazy japanese art? that would be awesome.

    btw, this is totally the opportunity to reclaim mt fuji. DO IT!


  4. yeah that's the plan woot! Mt fuji, are you kidding me, arghh, ha ha ha, I think I'll let that one truly conquer me, though you have now planted the seed into my head *whacks brain to get it out*

    It will definitely be a fun hoiday, wont need to worry about the unknown I guess :) Just jam in an action packed fun two weeks!

    Crazy japanese art hey? Ben and I are being total cheap skates and doing the carry on luggage thing only, so yeah maybe tiny tiny art!

  5. carry on luggage is the only way to go I think! i'm still trying to squeeze everything i 'need' into a smaller backpack. i think i fail at carry-on only. i tried so hard! ah well. never mind about crazy japanese art then. i will be happy with an edition of fruits. or something other awesome japanese street fashion mag. or nothing. nothing is good too. since i won't see you for a while, what's the point really! gosh.

  6. aww no you'll see me, you'll be back!
    :) yeah I think I might buy my clothes over there and then wear them all on the plane back home :) definitely do-able!
    I hope anyway :P


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