Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disastrous Cooking

Today I was all excited to get my cook on and create a delicious breakfast and then I made this...
I honestly don't know what I was thinking, yoghurt on pancakes?
I guess I could of just scrapped it off but the pancake itself was mightly terrible!
I manage to not only wreck breakfast but spill my milk everywhere and make my coffee taste like something toxic :P
I hope other people have days like this!

Sometimes I'm just hopeless :P


  1. aww well it looks pretty with the purple! hehe :) but i understand the creative cooking - remember that time i made myself a birthday dinner in toowoomba? hahaha happens to us all lovey :)

  2. well that's good to know :) he he

  3. awww that's too funny fee! totes happens to everyone :) the pancake LOOKS delicious though! points for presentation??


  4. yeah I think I got too distracted by the colour and less thinking about the taste :P


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