Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mel Stringer draws Fee

The other day, super rad Aussie artist, Mel Stringer put out a request for people to send in pics of themselves for her pencil portrait project and I was one of the peeps she choose, woot! Made my day...



  1. oh thats too cute! cartoon fee :)
    hey i saw a sign on the museum coming home, something about a fairytales and fantasy exhibit? i must investigate further but if its what i think it is we should totally go to that :)

  2. ok ive just googled the fairy tale thing - its not what i thought it was lol jumped the gun a bit there! i thought it was like a fairy tale themed art exhibit or something which i thought sounded cool - seems its more of a family activity thing....oh well!

  3. oh darn! but sometimes the family activity things are the most fun, aka less boring! Still might be worth a look :)


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