Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A while ago Matt from Ex-Boyfriend got in contact with me, he runs an online clothing store and is currently doing a guest artists series :)

So I have three of my designs available now as tees or totes, lots of options available, I'm personally grabbing...
woot, how cute is that? I also did an interview that you can go read if your heart desires!


  1. thats so cool fee! :)
    congrats! and nice interview too :)
    ahhh maybe i can find room in our budget for some of these goodies.... *tents fingers*
    hehe <3

  2. ohhh is tent fingers like an evil finger thinky gesture, because I've got a nice visual happening in my head! he he he

    I really can't re-read interviews after I've written them, it's kind of cringe worthy to me, he he he :)

    love ya!

  3. hehehe yeah like mr burns' "excellent" :)
    yeah its hard to read your own stuff but trust me its great! :)
    loves back!


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