Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Five Movies of 2010

Thought it would be fun to do my top five movies of 2010! I usually rate a good movie on production, acting, storyline and most importantly if I walk out of the cinema feeling something!

Number Five: Social network
I'll probably get a lot of rolled eyes for this choice, but I honestly found the story line very engaging I guess cause the whole facebook phenomenon is quite bizzare and fascinating to me! I went home and googled all the real life characters in the film, they left such an eerie impression on me!

Number Four: Boy
A kiwi flick that was humbly awesome.  Had that great New Zealand humour and was sweetly sad!  Not sure it got the publicity it should have!

Number Three:Shutter island
What can I say about this but it had a kick arse storyline! One of those films you don't want to give too much away with so I'll shut up now

Number Two: Blue Valentine
Saw this on boxing day and although I was expecting some sweet romance, notebook style, I got some gritty real, emotional filled hour and a bit! In saying that, through the tears, I really enjoyed it :)

And the Number One top spot goes too.... 
Well actually it's a tie between Kick Ass and Piranha 3d
Safely can say that both these movies blew my mind with their extreme whackyness.
I came out of both with a huge "wtf that was rad" smile on my face!

And those that didn't make my personal top five, but come away with a
fee honourable mention...
*drum roll*
district nine, toy story three, buried, exit through the gift shop and the town

What were your favourite movies of 2010?

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  1. i defintitely agree with boy - such an awesome movie!
    and i have to go harry potter - which we may be going to see again later today...stupid kid ruining it first time round :P
    i havent really seen many movies this year...damn it being so expensive these days. dont even have enough to make a top five lol but yeah harry potter definitely my number one, also loved boy. paranormal activity 2 and devil are the only other ones i saw i think :) and they were good but maybe not top picks.
    anyway im rambling now :P


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