Friday, January 21, 2011

help me!

artist unknown can you help?

Hey guys can you help me read the above autograph. It's by an artist I use to follow years ago but  now for the life of me, I can't remember his name. All I have to go on is that signature on the back of an artwork I got from him.

What do you reckon it says?


  1. hmmmm first name gotta be Ben, Ken or Kent... last name is harder. I can see maybe B, S or F. Then an o or and e? then an m or an n. possible an r then and n?

    I'm gonna say Kent Sorn. That's a name.

  2. ohhhh Kent I reckon that's it! Unfortunately Kent Sorn leaves a pretty bad google search effort, damn, but getting closer I reckon!

  3. oh that name does belong to an artist but I don't think it's him unless his style has done a 360, which maybe it has!!

  4. hmmmm perhaps the first name is ken? i mean, if that vertical line is meant to be a 't', I don't know anyone who crosses the 't' before they do the vertical line part?

    guess number two for: ken dom or ken dorn?

  5. oh my goodness this is officially driving me insane! There is an artist caled ken dorn, but his work is really different, I mean it was years ago so he could of changed his style but yeah Ken Dom just brings up ken done :P

    Thanks for your help emaya, I think this might bug me till the end up time!

  6. Hey Fee,

    Dan's sis here.. I think its Kent too.. but may be its a J or an S? So Kent Sam/Som or Kent Jam/Jom or like D said the M might be rn so Sarn, Sorn, Jarn or Jorn?

  7. oh thank-you so much for helping, the search continues well it did for at least half an hour, tried all those suggestions, I really appreciated the J thought! But google turns up nothing..though for all I know he's not even on the internet anymore! lol

    Thanks for taking the time to have a guess :)


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